March 25, 2009

Itty Bitty Getting Bigger

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Went to our second pediatrician appointment yesterday.  M is doing well – she is up to 4 lbs 13 oz, which means she has gained 8 oz in 7 days – which is pretty good.  We spent the majority of time with the Lactation Consultant. My prolactin is low, so I have to start taking some drug to fix that and M is still not really latching and sucking. She either sucks without latching or latches and then just sits there. But, the consultant seems convinced that we can make it work as she gets bigger. I have to admit I am not 100% at home with everything the Lactation Consultant says I should be doing. I’m just not totally motivated and I need to work on that. Here are some things I need to do:

–Pump more often – 10-12X a day, and I am more likely to be at 7-9 times right now. I just hate having to go to my bedroom and sit there while I pump. If I had a TV in there it would be better, but I don’t and reading a magazine while trying to double pump is about worthless. But, I need to do it in order to make sure that what milk I have sticks around until the medicine gets here.
–Do a better job of making sure I “nipple” M at almost every feeding. She would probably get better faster if I gave her more chances. I usually only do it two or three times a day because it is kind of a hassle to do when she either gets really angry and frustrated (when she is really hungry) or just sits there (when she is not really hungry). But, I should definitely try to do it every feeding that I am doing with her – the ones that J does with her I could take off.
–Drink more water. This will help with both milk production and probably exhaustion.
–Do more skin-on-skin each day. This is something that I can definitely do easily since the Moby will allow me to do it and still do things around the house, work on the computer, etc.  I did it for 45 minutes today, but M didn’t seem very happy with it and was fussy the whole time.  But, she has been a fussy baby today in general.

I also need to get going on my daily routines.  Our friends did a phenomenal job of getting the house clean before we came home with the baby, but I am having problems keeping it that way.  I made a list of daily to-do’s, weekly to-do’s and monthly to-do’s to try to keep up with it, but I have not been doing the list or delegating the list on a daily basis.  Today, I have finished the things I need to do in the kitchen and I’ve done everything but swept in the dining room (sweeping daily is key – we have all tile floors and a very hairy, shedding dog), but there is a lot more on that list.  I have started a load of laundry, but it needs to go in the dryer and then be put away.  The problem is I have not been doing the daily stuff and there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be done beyond that – sorting through a pile of stuff, gifts, cards, books, clothes in our extra bedroom, sorting through a bunch of stuff, including my pre-pregnancy clothes which I am now able to wear, in the garage.  It all just gets overwhelming.  But, if I got off my computer and did a thing or two on the daily list every hour, I think I can keep up with it.  I just have not been motivated.

My back hurts like hell lately…and I obviously could use some more sleep, but I think that will be the case for many months (years?) to come.  But, if I could get a handle on things around the house I think I would be much less stressed and more happy.  We shall see…


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