April 5, 2009

Buying Organic

Posted in Health tagged at 10:24 pm by bk2nocal

Since my baby is not eating yet, this will not apply to me for a while, but its good information even for adults.  I consider myself relatively aware of problems with food (e.g. antibiotics in meat and milk, pesticides on apples, etc.), but some of the information at Parents.com, “What to Buy Organic” was new to me.  For example, I did not know, nor would I have ever thought that potatoes are some of the most pesticide-laden vegetables and organic ketchup has more antioxidants than the non-organic versions.  Although I have not been concerned about these things for myself (well, I did buy organic milk for a while when I was pregnant, but not for that long), I think I will definitely consider what the Parents.com article said about prioritizing organic until M is 3 years old because this is the most important time developmentally.  I often question the accuracy of information on organic foods – is it really completely “organic”?  Is it really that much different than the non-organic version?  Is this really just a marketing ploy?  But, I think the Parents.com article does a good job of offering reference to the research that supports their advertisements.  So, for these products, I think I will switch to organic versions when the time comes for M to eat.  I think I will also be switching back to organic milk since I am feeding M breast milk (I have started the medication the doctor put me on and my production does seem to be coming up ever so slightly).  I cannot afford to buy everything organic, but I can definitely afford to change products for some of the worst offenders.  I also shop at the Farmer’s Market for as much of our produce as I can…

I know there are some parents who are all organic all the time, but that just is not realistic for us.  And like I said above, I think that some of these things are just marketing ploys and not really that much better for us or the environment.  But, then again, I am jaded!  🙂


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