April 7, 2009

Due Date Approaching…

Posted in Health, Itty Bitty Baby News, Preemie Development tagged , , at 12:48 am by bk2nocal

M’s due date is approaching and although it may not seem that important, being that she will have already been around for seven weeks at that point, it does mean we can start actually looking for developmental expectations to be met.  With preemies, all development is based on what they call their “gestational age” not their actual age.  Which means M is actually -6 days old right now.  But, as of Sunday, we can start looking at her in terms of her gestational age and she should progress accordingly.  I guess if she were still inside of me, she wouldn’t be doing much, so we can’t expect her to do much right now.  But, once the time comes for her to be outside of me, she should start doing things according to the “norms” of baby development.

I think she is going to be slightly ahead of the curve.  She is already trying to grab her bottle when I feed her and she seems to have very focused eyesight when she is wide awake.  She also picks up her head and throws it around like crazy…although she obviously still lacks a lot of control in that area.  It will be interesting to see whether she is ahead of her gestational age, right at her gestational age or a little behind.  Since she is small even for her gestational age, she may be expected to be behind in some areas, but since she has had some extra weeks of practice, she may be ahead in other areas.  I just don’t know.


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