June 10, 2009

Self-extubation = FAIL!

Posted in Itty Bitty Baby News at 4:02 pm by bk2nocal

Well, Mackenzie’s attempt at self-extubation was a failure.  She lasted over 24 hours on the CPAP, but this morning was struggling to breathe, had a collapsed left lung and bad blood gasses and was just plain not doing well.  So, they had to reintubate.  They tried to go down with the same size tube as last time, but it was a little big, probably because her trachia is swollen from ripping out the one yesterday.  So, they went down a size and will probably have to replace it once the swelling goes down.  She is also getting a new arterial line to replace the one she ripped out of her arm yesterday.  Its been an eventful couple of days for her.

I tried to hold her this morning but she was desatting pretty badly and just didn’t seem at all comfortable.  I guess they have ordered her a Berlin Heart just in case she needs to go on one next week.  I look for that to happen – if not next week, soon after.  I am almost looking forward to it just because it sounds like she will be healthier and more comfortable with it than she is with her big, overworked heart.  Its weird to look forward to smoething so extreme.  She will also probably go active on the transplant list next week.  They are waiting for two genetics tests to come back, which should be in the beginning of next week.

Its hard to think about her having to be in the hospital for months and months, but with the Berlin Heart, she has to stay here in the hospital.  But, she will be healthier and she will be able to do typical baby stuff…which right now is not really able to happen.  I just think she needs to be comfortable in order to start doing the baby stuff she should be doing.  Its hard to even think about that stuff when she is intubated and not able to do much, but I don’t want her to be way behind if she doesn’t have to be.

Well, the arterial line is in.  I’m going to go see her now…


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