June 15, 2009

Gift Ideas for Preemies and Hospitalized Children

Posted in Gift Ideas, Hospital Life at 2:42 pm by bk2nocal

I came across a post on Frugal Gifts for Preemie Parents today over at Baby Cheapskate and thought it was such a good resource post that I should share the link here.  The woman who wrote the article speaks from the experience of having a preemie, and I would definitely concur from my own experience as a parent to a preemie.  But, now, writing from the perspective of a mom with a child in the hospital, many of them are just as applicable!  I know that I have a ton of people who ask what they can do, how they can help, etc. and the suggestions she gives are ones that I would not necessarily offer up to people, but that are wonderfully useful and helpful!  I am sure that others of you will have someone who has a preemie in their lives and this is a great resource for you to choose gifts.


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  1. su said,

    You are so kind hearted to have such a great feeling. It must be appreciated. Happy blogging

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