June 22, 2009


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I was reading the blog of another family who had a child in the PICU with Mackenzie and came across a post on courage that I feel can not be restated with any improvement.  So, I’m providing a link to it below.  Just a bit of background on this family and their connection to us:

When Mackenzie first went into the hospital back in April, she was next door to a little girl whose room was covered in pictures and art projects and happy objects.  I used to walk by that door and hear music coming from it and see all the visual happiness and it would make me feel a little better about being there.  When Mackenzie came back to the hospital early this month, she was placed in a room with two other children and one of them was the girl from the visually happy room!  She was now not in a private room, so there was not the volume of objects, but her bed still had pictures and art projects on it.  On the second day, her sisters and brothers were standing bedside singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to her and it made me smile.  Over the coming days, her brothers and sisters would come to visit – always happy and smiling and taking pictures and singing – it was truly a happy distraction to have…when I saw their mom in the lobby one day I told her that I appreciated her kids being so well-behaved and always so happy and that it was nice to see healthy, happy kids in the PICU every once in while.  She thanked me and we began greeting each other in passing.  Soon after, Mackenzie was moved into a private room and her second day there, we got a gift from “Charity’s Family”…the mom and her kids had dropped off a hand-wrapped cute little outfit for Mackenzie…I was truly touched.

I went to thank them and met the grandmother – an incredibly nice woman.  Charity has since moved on to home and I hope she is doing well and will continue to thrive.  The following is a blog post that Charity’s mom wrote while Charity was still in the hospital and it truly captures the understanding that you begin to gain when you have a child in the PICU…things sometimes seem bad, but we are LUCKY that Mackenzie has something that can be treated and that she will most likely recover from and go on to live a happy and healthy life.  So many others are not so “lucky” as us…and yet they go on each day hoping for the best and giving their children what they can.  I can’t say it better, so I encourage you to read “Courage…”


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